Along comes (out) Barry

Barry Manilow finally made it – american pop star told the People magazine that’s he’s gay and happily married to his longtime manager Garry Kief. The two of them became close in 1978 and it took Manilow almost 40 years to come out with the truth. ‘Thought I would make my fans upset if they know that I am gay’, says the singer.

However, despite his decision to keep his sexuality secret, it seems not a single fan was either shocked or disappointed after the interview was published. It’s more like vice versa – those who appreciate Manilow’s music, welcomed his coming out as well.

‘How did he think this was a secret? Everyone knew Barry Manilow was a great performer and gay, – reads the very first comment. – Did not matter then and does not now. I’m glad he is happy and not living a secret’.

When the People revealed ‘his secret marriage and private world’, it’s just became official. None of the rest changed a bit. And everyone seems to be happy about it while listening to Barry Manilow’s all-time classics like ‘Can’t Smile Without You’. Well, at least Manilow sure can’t do it without Kief. And since now he doesn’t have to.

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