Amazing Race 2017: the first episodes. Video!

The Amazing Race, a reality show with previous 28 seasons, is on the TV again. The team of complete strangers had to do different things and compete between them in the race all over the world. All participants wanted to  win a US$1 million grand prize.

Premiere the new season was on Thursday March 30, 2017, on CBS. The shootings were a bit long, but in the end we had a really great season to watch.

In Friday, April 21, we saw the first episodes of the new season of the show. In the video below the text you can see “complete strangers” in their first meeting – it was quite funny. Producers of the show always wanted to grab our attention in any way – and teams are really strange.

The season includes seventeen cities in  nine countries over 36,000 miles with visits including Norway and Greece.

Filming had began on June 10, 2016, in the space of Los Angeles, and ended on July 2, 2016 in Chicago.

Enjoy the rest with “The Amazing Race”!

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