Bad Girls Club Season 17: new cast

This exiting show will have a new season. And the first episode of it is out tonight!

The new heroines are:

Kiyanna , whose city is Brooklyn

DeShayla, who is representing Norfolk

Keyaira from a town named Compton

Sayyora, who was in the Hollywood

As producers said in the interviews earlier,

“They will be drunk and even stupid because of it all the time. But the United States of America love shows, so we are going to give you a real show. It will be more exciting than previous 16 seasons of Bad Girls Club”.

We will see Susan, who can’t remember the number of her partners. What new girls will do with her?

Also there will be Francesca, who love rock’n’roll and dressed up that much that we see this love in the air, in her face and in her outfit.

Don’t forget about the girl from the ghetto named Seven! She will come to our girls thought the back doors of the house. Does it mean something? Or producers are joking?

We will find out all of the news in new season of Bad Girls Club. The show isn’t going to disappoint us so we are ready to everything! Turn to the Oxygen Network to see a Bad Girls Club.


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