Bella Hadid Gushes About Rihanna & Beyonce: everything about her speech

Bella Hadid, a famous model and sister of GiGi Hadid, is 20 years old. Last night she said that her favourite singers are Rihanna and Beyonce. “No matter what I am feeling right now, I love RiRi and Beyonce a lot, they are an inspiration for me” – told the model to the newspapers, magazines and websites.

“If I know exactly what I want to wear and can imagine a style of my today’s outfit, I am quicly to dress up and be ready” – told Bella Hadid, who was a girlfriend of The Weeknd for one year. Now his love is Selena Gomez, but Bella prefer to stay silent about this awkward situation.

“When I am dressing up, I always dance to the music. When I am waiting for my friends (and I can’t but mention – I am the quickest of them), I have a little party with my favourite songs every time” – concluded Bella.

“I love Rihanna and Beyonce,” she shared. “All of you like them as a girls, it’s cool. Both of them are great and you can listen to them if you’re sad or happy, if you want to get drunk or never want to drink again.”

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