Mother’s Day 2017 observed: following celebrations

Mother’s Day is a celebration for the mothers of the families. It is a memory of the influence of mothers, motherhood.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on March or May.

In the United States of America  the Mother’s Day had began in the 20th century. Before it such festivals had the Greeks – for the Cybele, their own goddes,  and the Christian – they had a Mothering Sunday or a whole week of celebration. It was set a long time ago.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in 46 countries in the world. In that day all people have to present flowers to their mothers.

Some people, who want to set up a real celebration, do a lot of things to honour their mothers.  Picniks and dinners in the cafe are worldwide known as one of the best ways to spend time in their holiday. Also you can order something online and present it to your mother.


In spite of the fact of this special day, all counries have a Father’s Day. It is celebrated all over the world too and has the same traditions.


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