Rosewood Season 2 Finale Spoilers: the cast and description. Read the text!

Rosewood, Slade, Villa and Hornstock worked to take down a skilled group of criminals suspected of an incident in the store.  Rosie decides that someone from their circle should run a new Magic City Lab on the west coast.

All actors from the cast:

Justin Kirk – Gideon Reeves
Caitlin Stasey –  Ada Hamilton Natalie Martinez – Detective Theresa Murphy
Taylor Handley – Officer Nicholas Brandt
Akrosia Samson – Nkechi Austin Dillon – Wayne Cirito Ernie Hudson – Captain Ned Conrad
Sam Huntington – Mitchie Mendelson
Tamberla Perry – Officer Tasha Goss
Manny Montana –  Marcos Villa Nestor Serrano –  Mayor Michael Salgado

Nikea Gamby-Turner – Officer Ilene Desouza Eric Winter – Adrian Webb
Jonathan Silverman – Bastion Bleiweiss
TJ Linnard – Vince Hanna

Betsy Beutler – Myra Reeves
Eli Michael Kaplan – Rico Hornstock

Elizabeth Sandy – Martha Hornstock
Briana Cap – Barbara Dicasoli


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