Southern Charm 2017 Spoilers: old actors

All your favourite people are returning in the new season of Southern Charm. In the Holy City we will mention Craig Conover, Landon Clements, Cameran Eubanks, Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, Shep Rose and a new one –  Austen Kroll.

Landon Clements, for example, will be having her own business. And everything in the startup will be perfect, so we can only enjoy the life of Landon.

Austen Kroll, the newest, is a blonde man with beautiful eyes. He is a close friend of Shep Rose and actually he is like a new Shep, better than the original. But in love Shep and Austen will be competitors – they like the same type of women. And Austen Kroll will have to prove that he isn’t a new version of Shep.

Another one, named Whitney Sudler-Smith, will be in the new season as well. Now he isn’t on a date with Larissa Marolt – they have broken up. He is trying to move on with a new girlfriend, a model Eliza Cummings. Whitney Sudler-Smith is one of the producers of Southern Charm.

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, about whom we saw and heard a lot of rumors, now isn’t in relationships. She is trying to have conversations with someone from a cast but now she is all about her new life. Previously she lived in a town named Charleston, so she’s going to continue her life there.  She hopes that her bright future will come to her very soon.

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