The Voice 2017: the first episode and the judges

The Voice is back! Learn more about the new season of this show.

At the chairs of judges we have seen Delta Goodrem, the one and only judge from last season who managed to hold onto her position. Also there was Boy George and his incredible hat, which is recognizable all over TV world. The ranks were joined by Kelly Rowland , and after that all social medias were in comments such as “It’s the best season of The Voice” and “I can’t wait to see what’s new there is on The Voice”. New team of judges performed a cover of U2’s ‘Vertigo’, a lovely song, as Twitter accounts of The Voice fans said.

The first in the stage was Berni, singer from Melbourne, who proved that she is ready to come back with her songs. Seal immediately told her that she will be a well-known singer and promised to do everything to make her a success. Than we saw Robin Johnson, a dancer, who sang that cool that all judges had turned to him. The man chose Boy George, who was happy to take him in his team. The third was Bojesse Pigram, who for the beginning couldn’t sing well. But he managed to overcome it and finally was in the Kelly’s Team. The next was mum Natalia, who sang terribly and just wanted to take a selfie with all judges and her daughter. Then we saw many other musicians, who weren’t good enough to shape any of the judges, and a singer Gemma, who played one of Destiny Child’s songs! Now this singer is in Kelly’s Team and looks there totally impressive, in spite of other judges, who wanted to grab her in their teams. Finally, there was Hoseah Partsch, who sang one of Ariana Grande’s songs so beautifully, that judges were in shock. The man chose Boy George.

A new episode of The Voice 2017 is already out there!


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