The Voice 2017 last night: who was votes off


Troy Ramey, the singer with a great experience, was voted off The Voice.

Troy has a talent of singer since his earliest agas. “I always loved to sing, even in school  in Woodstock or in the university in New York I tried to take part in competitions where I had to sing” – told Troy to the local newspapers.

“I think that my elimination isn’t a big problem – yes, I am not a winner of The Voice, but I have a lot of to say to the world and will continue my work as a singer” – he said in the interview after the final decision. He was solved once before this day by the voice of Gwen.

“I had no dreams that I could be on the show like that. It was a real chance to show myself to the whole world. Thank to me supporters. Love all of you!” – told Troy after the shooting to the magazine reporters.

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