The Voice 2017 Spoilers: who was voted off and why

Last time Troy Ramey was voted off The Voice.

Troy was born in Middlebury and since his childhood has a talent of singer. He spent his early years in Woodstock and then moved in New York. His team-leader was Gwen Stefani; he became one of the three leaders in her team and one of 12 leaders from all teams on The Voice.

“I appreciate knowledge that I was given on The Voice. I think that it isn’t a big problem – yes, I am not a winner of the show, but I have a lot of to say to the world and will continue my work as a singer” – Troy Ramey said in the interview.

In the previous episodes from Gwen’s Team were eliminated Johnny Gates, Quizz Swanigan and JChosen, and Team of Adam lost Johnny Hayes, Josh West and Hanna Eyre. In spite of this fact, Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake were saved by the Americans and another pair, Jesse Larson and Lilli Passero, were in the game because of the nation’s voices too .

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