Who Went Home On The amazing race 2017: the prizes for participants

The Amazing Race, a show, where the prize is one million dollars, are out there again. We already have seen complete strangers who participated in the race, and now we have a full new season to watch. 29 season in on the TV!

CBS had a premiere of The Amazing Race in the March 2017. Before that we could saw a lor of spoilers from shoots – including cities and countries of the new Race.


29 season was filmed in 17 cities in five continents; in the show we see a Norway and Greece, the new countries for The Amazing Race. Filming began on June 10, 2016, in the space of Los Angeles, and ended on July 2 in the same year in Chicago.

Six participants get a prizes, which included trips and money. But the producers wanted to make the show a real show without acting – and two of the six hadn’t recieved anything.

Wath The Amazing Race to learn more about these two people!

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