The Amazing Race 2017: the prizes for participants

The Amazing Race was filmed a lot of times. This widely recognizable show has 28 seasons, which were shooting for the years. What will be in the new 29 season?

The producers revealed the dates of The Amazing Race Season 29 about a year ago. All of the teams didn’t know each other for a while, but during the shoots all of members had to have a friendship with each other.

The first episodes of the show were on the CBS Channel in April 2017.

The season includes 17 cities in five continents and nine countries over 36,000 miles with visits including Norway and Greece.

Filming was in the summer 2016; it lasted for about two month.

Learn more about prizes which are out there for the future winners!

Leg 1 had nothing. Yes, producers decided to set up a joke!

Leg 2 was all about a trip for two to Barbados

Leg 3 had a trip for two to Amsterdam

Leg 4 had recieved US$5,000 each winner

Leg 5 weren’t recieved anything

And leg 6 had a trip for two to Ushuaia, Argentina as a grand prize


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