Emma Watson is going to be the highest earning star

Actress, starred in Beauty and the Beast, already had her cover of Vanity Fair.

Emma was born in 1990. From the childhood she was excellent at school and had a talent of actress. It was recognized by producers of Harry Potter; they made her a real star. In the latest interviews Emma said that Harry Potter was like “school of life” for her. She had played Hermione Granger for ten years and had earn not only worldwide fame – her salaries were very high and she had about 60 million dollars after the end of Harry Potter movies. Then she studied in Brown University and Oxford, graduated as professor of English literature. At the same time she continued her career as a model and had been a star of Burberry and Lancome advertisements. She was a Woman of the Year by different mass medians and magazines a lot of times.

Emma Watson also stands for women rights. She promoted free education for girls from poorest countries. In the project “He for She” she had a speech, in which she said that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. “If you wanted to put me or all women off work – it didn’t work” – said Watson. She called herself a feminist, fought for rights of women in politics and had won a number of special prizes.

In March 2017 Emma was accused of hypocrisy. It all was because of her photographs in magazine called Vanity Fair, where she was shooted like Bell from Beauty and the Beast, one of the most well-known films of this year. Watson said that she is a feminist yet: “It is about freedom, equality, liberation and understanding from other people. And I don’t see what exactly my breasts have to do with it; if you don’t like that kind of dresses when tits are partly visible, don’t look at my photos”.

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