Justin Bieber and his 2017 tour: new dates

Justin Bieber, born in 1994 in Kanada, is going to have a lot of shows all around the world. The closest one will be at May 3 in Tel Aviv, then at May 6 in Dubai and at May 10 in Mumbai. He is going to visit many cities in Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, Latin America and Africa. In total by the end of Purpose World Tour Justin Bieber will have played 161 shows.

Justin was discovered from YouTube, where he realized covers and other videos. In 2009 he realized his debut EP called My World and became a well-known star. Seven songs from his first album were in the Billboard Hot 100; after that record he became the first singer with triple Platinum album. But it was in 2010, when he realized his My World 2.0. Album Purpose was revealed in 2015, but Purpose World Tour began only in 2016. Sales of his albums and singles in United States of America are amazing – Justin Bieber earned about 50 million dollars. He was in some titles in Forbes in 2011-2013 and had won Grammy Award for the song “Where Are U Now”.

In spite of career, personal life of Justin Bieber is very interesting for his fan base, mass media and reporters. Bieber had dated Selena Gomes a lot of times, tried to continue this relationships but couldn’t do something with it. Since Selena he has many girls, but none of them wasn’t good enough to be the one for Justin.

Also Justin Bieber said that “to love boys or to love girls is your own decision and no one can’t say that you are not right”. He supports some organizations which prevent suicide among LGBT-people.

Justin Bieber is the best-selling male artist from Canada of all times. He sailed about 100 million records and was presented with the Queen Elizabeth The Second.

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