The Challenge Invasion 2017 Episode 13 Preview. Who is going to be at home?

Last week Cory and Nelson have had an argument and tried to press each other on the show. Then Shane was eliminated and the boys finally solved this problem. Camila took dawn Laurel, he went home. Tonight we can’t wait to see what is next!

CT and Darrell must be doing a challenge, to complete which they have only ten minutes. Much more details we will see literally today! CT will do a great job, so he will be in the second round. After a lot of strong moments and tries to be the first in this competition CT will win. Darrell is going home because of his loss, and CT with TJ Lavin will be in the final, which takes place today on the TV.

Also to the final are going the team consists of Nicole, Ashley, Nelson, Cory. All of them will be having the right of going on holiday. But, as TJ said, they must have been preparing to the final, because it will be sooner as they can imagine.

Ashley will drink a lot and will be wanted to go home because of rumors of her, and other three finals will be drunk as well too. They will fight, have a lot of rumors around and conflicts between them.

The finalists are going to have a final dinner and final vacation.

The final will last for three days so our pairs won’t have a time for themselves. After that The Final will be near them and in today’s series you will see the final challenges from inside. Enjoy the rest!

The Challenge Invasion 2017 is out now. Turn to MTV Channel.

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