El Clasico 2017: Real Madrid VS Barcelona

Barcelona moved into first place on goal differential after match, which was in the Sunday. Lionel Messi had all three goals.

In El Clasico, match for the ages, Barcelona beated Real Madrid. Chances of being the winner of El Clasico were very high, but in the first minutes Barca lost ball. This going down with the score 1:0 wasn’t the final; club tried to take a 2:1. Actually, one of Leo’s goals experts named “one of the biggest in his career”. As Twitter account of beIN SPOTS United States of America said, “it was bloody fantastic”. Match ended with the score 3:2 and football club Barcelona became the winner of El Clasico 2017. Football club won matches without many tries and has amazing live translations, which always have a widely support.

FC Barcelona was founded in 1899 in Catalonia, Spain. Now club has a base in Barcelona and named himself “More than a club”. The team of club are very valuable and expensive; FC is well-known as the second of richest clubs in the world. Barca had won a lot of championships domestically and not afraid of being guests. Always winning guests. The team has many supporters and fans all around the world. Members of this football club, footballers, have one of the largest media following among sports team. Vows “Barca is the best team” are in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks. Mass media love FC Barcelona too; they write about Messi, footballers and their families. FC is considered as the greatest club of all times; it’s simple to understand why. For example, in 2015 Barcelona had won the fifth Champions League and became the first team which had achieved the continental treble twice. Next year the club will be 118-years-old.

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