Administrative Assistant Day 2017: who is going to celebrate

Administrative Assistant Day, day, which was set up only because of this occupation, will be very soon. This day is all about support of the secretaries, receptionists and administrative assistants themselves. Administrative assistant is a person who can help in any occasion.

The full shedule of celebration dates:

The United States of America, Canada and Malaysia – Wednesday of the last week of April

New Zealand – third Wednesday of April

The Netherlands – third Thursday of April

Australia – the first Friday of May

South Africa – the first Wednesday of September

Ireland – 27 April

United Kingdom decided to take part in the celebration only in mass media and social networks.

“It is not so popular there, we almost don’t have such a profession, so it’s clear why we didn’t want to set up a full holiday just to honour secretaries and such professions” – said a spokesman to one of the local newspapers.


All over the world we have three  more Days of “someone”:

Employee Appreciation Day

Boss’s Day

Hallmark holiday

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