Confederate Memorial Day 2017: what’s new?

Confederate Memorial Day is very close. At what dates should we remember the end of American Civil War?

Confederate Memorial Day always was marked by special observances in many states in United States of America. At that day Southern states have a lot of event in which people learn more about history of USA and remember 300 hundred soldiers who died during the war. American Civil War was ended in 1866 at August 20.

In the book called “The Genesis of the Memorial Day Holiday in America” it authors, Gardiner and Bellware, told that Confederate Memorial Day should be a public holiday. In their opinion, history is the most valuable thing in every country and all Americans should remember The War and don’t allow to do the same in the nowadays society. Confederate Memorial Day was called so in 1868, but finally adopted only in 1882.

In Alabama Confederate Memorial Day is on the last Monday of April. There it is a public holiday. In Florida this day is observed on April 26. And Georgia this holiday celebrated on April 26 too and was called simply “State Holiday”. In Mississippi Confederate Memorial Day is going to be in April 26 and that day will be a holiday, as in Alabama. South Carolina is celebrated Memorial Day on May 10, and Louisiana is observed Confederate Memorial Day on June 3rd.

Confederate Heroes Day, which is Confederate Memorial Day at the same time, was in Texas on January 19. This state has its own special events for this day – ceremonies and open public talks with guests all around United States.

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