Drop it like it’s MOAB: US bombs ISIS in Afghanistan

The United States’ military bombed an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan on the 14th of April with the newest ‘Mother of all bombs (2017 edition)’. This undoubtedly is a historical moment for US never used this type of bomb in combat before. What you need to know about this MOAB thing is that it’s the most powerful conventional non-nuclear bomb. Period.

As the officials say, 36 militants were killed by explosion of this 21,600-pound, 30-foot-long munition guided by GPS. President Trump already called it ‘another successful job’ in a war against global terrorism. As White House press secretary Sean Spicer mentioned, the US government takes their fight against the Islamic State very seriously. The latter bombing was to deny the terrorists operational space and this goal was accomplished.

The Mother of all bombs was dropped on Tuesday close to the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The tunnel complex ISIS militants were using was dislocated in the Achin district of the Nangarhar province which is a remote region of a country.

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