Pink Moon 2017: Embrace yourselves, spring is coming

Another one of ‘a must see’ checkpoints of 2017 is done. This year’s one of the most iconic full moons has already been witnessed by those who were lucky enough not to miss it on the 11th of April. In case you didn’t manage to see the latest Pink Moon, there are tons of photos and timelapses were published in social media by people all over the world.

What you need to know about the Pink Moon is that it isn’t actually pink. It’s just a moniker that goes way back to the colour of the wildflowers (moss pink or ground phlox, to be certain) in Canada and the States. They appear early in the spring – just like the full moon does. The Pink Moon is also commonly known as the Egg Moon thanks to the Easter. In 2017 the Easter falls on the 16th of April which is pretty close to the night of a full moon.

Much like the Easter, the Jewish Passover also starts this weekend – so the Pink Moon is considered much more spiritual and inspiring that the other full moons by those who cherish both of these holidays. The rest of the world is in it too – Indians hold a festival called Hanuman Jayanti in order to celebrate the birth of Hanuman and the Arabic-speaking Muslims associate the Pink Moon with beauty and health brought by the spring.

The full moon can be seen each 29 days. The next one falls on the 10th of May. It’s called the Flower Moon but sometimes they call it the Milk Moon or the Corn Planting one. Now’s your chance to see the pictures of the Pink Moon and compare them later with the last full moon of the spring.

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