Secretary’s Day 2017: the dates in which we will celebrate

Administrative Professionals’ Day, as National Secretary Day is called in many counties and states of the United States of America, will be there very soon.

This day is all about support of the administrative support professionals – secretaries, receptionists, administrative assistants.

New dates of the celebration:

The United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia – Wednesday of the last week of April

New Zealand – third Wednesday of April

The Netherlands – third Thursday of April

Australia – the first Friday of May

South Africa – the first Wednesday of September

United Kingdom – only on Twitter (sounds like a joke but it isn’t)

Ireland – 27 April

The holiday had a lot of critics during its history. Some say that this holiday gives a lot of rest to professional workers, the others prefer to think that National Secretary Day is all about presents. “It can be very effective – to make people give a present between the Mother’s Day and the Easter. A cool decision, but it actually doesn’t help.” – said one of the spokesmen to the press recently.

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