South Carolina Confederate Memorial Day 2017: how to celebrate the event

Confederate Memorial Day ihas his own history throught the centuries.

In Mississippi and Alabama states offices are already closed. “It is our own event, and we want to celebrate it as well” – said local papers.

Georgia wanted to take a whole month called “A Month of Confederate Memory”. They set up this holiday in the last Monday of the April. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t do something with the whole month”.

South Carolina marked Confederate Memorial Day as the day when Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson died.

“We appreciate everything about this tradition but this day for us is all about memory of Thomas Jackson. Now have a special day only for his memory. It is really great!” – wrote in the Twitter one of Confederate Memorial Day’s supporters.

Also South Carolina wanted to set up a full week to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day.

In declaration 20th century Alabama and Mississippi were saying that the situation with slavery in the country is going to be one of the worst in the world. That’s why their decided to set up a holiday which now is called Confederate Memorial Day .

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